Lopez-Gatell has deceived the people of Mexico: governor of Tamaulipas


Ciudad Victoria.- The governor of Tamaulipas, Francisco Garcia Cabeza de Vaca, stated that the coronavirus pandemic not only has it been mishandled by the federal undersecretary of health, Hugo Lopez-GatellInstead, “he has deceived the people of Mexico, lie after lie, after lie, this is what generates mistrust and confuses public opinion.”

Interviewed in the state government palace, he recalled that the governors have expressed their clear disagreement regarding what they consider inconsistencies that have occurred with the spokesperson to make known what the situation of the pandemic is in the country.

He cited as an example that when the World Health Organization is recommending that the mask be used, “here the wise man from Gatell turns out to say that there is no need that does not work.”

Garcia Cabeza de Vaca affirmed that things cannot remain the same, “I don’t know if it is due to incapacity, foolishness or pride, but pride unfortunately clouds their vision, it does not let them see beyond their noses what is happening in the country”.

He added that this arrogance covers their ears, because they are not capable of listening to the recommendations of the specialists, of those who are telling them what measures should be carried out.

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“And the worst thing about this excessive arrogance that is characterized by their part is that they loosen their tongues, they say a bunch of barbarities every day that confuse public opinion.”

That is why, he pointed out, that 9 governors of the Federalist Alliance signed a document where they ask that the spokesperson be changed, so that a person who really has the capabilities arrives, with adequate criteria, “and stop being a spokesperson on the issue of the pandemic, now it turns out that they are a spokesperson for issues politicians, when today our country ranks third in the world for deaths, as a result of Covid ”.

Regarding the meeting of the Conago with the president, he said that it will probably be on the 19th in San Luis Potosi, with the presence of the governors of the Federalist Alliance, and the governors also emanated from National Action (GOAN), where the issue will be addressed of the pandemic.

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“In Mexico there are serious problems with the issue of the pandemic, it has seriously hit the economy, but nevertheless, there has been such pride that they have not wanted to accept its reality.”

That is why they exhort the central government to join forces, capacities, and resources, “instead of continuing with those pharaonic projects that are not going to reactivate any part of the economy in the country, more than in a few places. very particularly, today we have to generate confidence, attract investment, to generate the jobs that are being lost today ”.

Francisco Garcia Cabeza de Vaca questioned that, while the government of Tamaulipas strives to generate confidence, to generate the safety of the highways, and to bring investment, “it seems that the central government is determined, it puts a lot of desire, every day , to show Mexicans and the rest of the world that there is a way to continue worse, every day.


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