Marcel Coune, the octogenarian who disappeared in Jalhay, was found in good health


Marcel Coune, the octogenarian who had left the rest home “Silver hair” in Jalhay on Wednesday afternoon, was found on Thursday in a wood near the Sart motorway exit.

“It was a guard who saw him in the woods and took him to the nearby motorway exit, so that an ambulance could come and get him”, explains Michel Parotte, the Jalhaytois alderman of the Communication which ensures that the 88 year old man is well.

The search to find him had resumed this Thursday morning, with tracking dogs while on Wednesday evening the federal police helicopter had flown over Niveze and Lake Warfaaz, without success.

The police had launched a search notice to find the old man, but they also advised individuals not to start searches or beatings, at the risk of disrupting the work of the dogs.

Similarities with the disappearance of Pierre Eloy

This disappearance recalled that of Pierre Eloy, which occurred a little less than a year ago in the same area … but fortunately this time, the story ended well.

On September 19, 2019, the octogenarian left the Niveze rehabilitation center on foot. Despite a huge outpouring of solidarity and hundreds of people mobilized organizing beatings, his body was found 6 days later, in the Fagnes.

A Facebook group was created following the disappearance of the octogenarian and, regularly, citizens mobilize to try to help the relatives of missing persons. We remember in particular the mobilization born on this group to find Benedicte Meunier, who had left the clinic of the Alexians Brothers last October or even after the death of Plombimontois Charles Johnen in Liege.

If the mobilization to find Marcel Coune slowly began to organize itself on this group, the good news of this morning will undoubtedly put an end to it.

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