Merzlikin: I know how to deal with a lot of tension


Elvis Merzļikins | Foto: Kirk Irwin/Getty Images/AFP

Elvis Merzlikkin, the Columbia Blue Jackets goalkeeper for the National Hockey League (NHL), is confident that he will be able to cope with the tension of the season if he is given the opportunity to defend the goal.

The next match “Blue Jackets” will be played on August 3 at 3:00 Latvian time. The team coached by John Tortorella will play on the pitch in the first round of the play-in, meeting the Toronto Maple Leafs for up to three victories in the series.

The goal of the goalkeepers in the Blue Jackets team is still unresolved and it is not known which of the puck catchers – Elvis Merzlikins or Jonas Korpisalo will start the game on Monday night.

“I know myself,” Elvis was quoted as saying on the club’s website. “I am in the playoffs and I know that I am able to cope with the tension very successfully. It’s clear that the NHL is different and it will be a new experience, but even if the tension is very high, I will know how to deal with it. ”

Meanwhile, Korpisalo said he was in good shape. “I feel very good, but I will not make a decision. I hope for the best, because I’m in really good shape. ”

In the only test match before the season resumed, Merzlikkin, replacing Korpisalo in the middle of the second third, fought off 12 of 13 opponents’ shots and helped the team beat the Boston Bruins 4: 1. The Latvian repelled 92.3% of the throws made by the opposing hockey players.

Merzlikkin is having a great NHL debut season this season. In 33 NHL games, the Latvian goalkeeper repelled 92.3% of the opponents’ throws and scored an average of 2.35 goals. In addition, he has played five dry games in his first NHL season.

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