Michel Fourniret heard Tuesday and Wednesday by the judge


Last week, Monique Olivier revealed that her former husband had kidnapped, kidnapped, raped and killed the girl, who has been missing since January 9, 2003.

This is the next step. After the revelations made last week by Monique Olivier on the Estelle Mouzin case, Michel Fourniret will be heard by the investigating judge in charge of this case. According to our information, the one who is nicknamed “the ogre of the Ardennes” will be auditioned Tuesday and Wednesday.

Friday, at the end of four days of hearing, Monique Olivier revealed that Michel Fourniret had kidnapped then kidnapped and killed Estelle Mouzin, missing since January 9, 2003. According to the statements of the former wife of the serial killer, the latter kidnapped the then 9-year-old girl in Guermantes, in Seine-et-Marne, then sequestered her in her sister’s house in Ville-sur-Lumes, in the Ardennes.

Fourniret’s DNA on a mattress

Monique Olivier explained to investigating judge Sabine Kheris that Michel Fourniret raped the child before killing her. Justice also has a DNA trace of the killer found on a mattress in this house in Ville-sur-Lumes, evidence obtained after new excavations carried out in the middle of June to try to find the body of the girl. .

Michel Fourniret was indicted for “kidnapping and sequestration followed by death” in this case last November. An indictment notably determined by the statements, once again, of Monique Olivier. A few days earlier, she was sentenced for being her accomplice, had refuted her alibi for the day Estelle Mouzin disappeared. In March, Michel Fourniret had, as usual, delivered a hollow confession. But without saying where the child’s body is. A point on which the killer, now 78 years old, will certainly be questioned.

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