Mid-August of fire for Serena Enardu, first the swastika on the cake then the car on fire


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“It happened on August 12. I would have preferred not to divulge the information so as not to alarm the relatives, but you want it or you don’t want it to go out and I mean things as they happened,” he said. “I don’t like being a victim even if someone tries to make me play the victim. I would just like to ask if the people who live in that area there if since 2.30pm they saw something suspicious while that shit committed the vandalism. You can testify in anonymous form, also to protect the citizens of Porto Sant’Elena from future acts “, he then continued.

“I have not assumed anything and I have not assumed that it is a targeted act against me but only a vandal and cowardly act that must be punished. I want to thank the gentleman who intervened with the fire extinguisher in a timely manner and avoided a crazy tragedy because if my the car had caught fire completely, it would have brought all the other parked cars into the flames “he concluded in his social post.

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In the same days, the Enardu twins also had to defend themselves from social attacks following some images they shared. At the birthday party of their personal trainer Valeria they posed smiling and carefree next to a cake “decorated” with the Nazi symbol. The indignant comments fell on their heads, and the cancellation of the post and the attempts of Elga and Serena to clear themselves were of little value: “We completely dissociate ourselves from that symbol and from the Nazi ideology. If in some way we have touched the sensitivity of someone we apologize. We too were superficial in not realizing that it was a content that should not be published “they said, without however arousing the hoped-for leniency.

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