Not only that, Souek was afraid when he was in danger of going to England


On Sunday, July 26, he played the last step of the season, then went to Prague, where he lasted on vacation. Go day two and zanu sm st. In mid-August, I will return to England and begin the preparation, to Souek.

Twenty-five-year-old Zlat Zlat won for the best Czech footballer last season. The triumph in the newspaper polls is the second individual award he won during the spring, and he became the Footballer of the Year in 2019.

It was a life season, but also not the best. Slavi and I advanced to the Champions League, in the league they had one point shortly after the autumn. It could have been better. A pakvelk pestup to England. We saved the Premier League, also fantasies, he noted.

Souek won Zlat m

Tom Souek with the award for the best Czech football player for 2019.

Has it ever occurred to you that you would have managed so much in one year?
I couldn’t even imagine anything like that. And those individual prices? J was always a dark game, I only collected personal trophies as a kid. These two awards during the month, I really appreciate it. People who make sense of football appreciated my work.

And also rubbing in England. How do you listen in time?
I wish you a positive first. But I’ve only been in West Ham for a year and I want to prove I’m valid. There is only one thing for me to play for West Ham as best I can.

When you flew to England in January, did you know that the season would start? Is West Ham among the elite?
I was at one and it wasn’t easy at all. A plane was launched on the way back (Agent Pasku on the Souk pitch). Just don’t, I smoked. When it turned out, I knew I had to help him.

You were arrested. What then changed?
Piel hr from the esk league and no one knew what he would bring them. I had to build my position. When I managed to get over it, the boys started to tell me, to look for everything, to play with me. And my self-confidence was in t.

Was it similar to the fan?
It was. I don’t play much in England, I probably didn’t know much. But when I signed the contract with you and the inn turned into a change, it was the sign that it was the signing of the year. That made me sweat a lot.

West Ham thinks he would address your former teammate from Slavia Luke Masopust. Do you know anything about it?
When they bought a game from the esk league, which showed them that the Premier League game was right for me … Mon I opened the door a bit. Moyes also asked me about it.

How did you settle in London?
I was there pt msc and we couldn’t get out of that two msce. Just once a day for a meal or a walk with my family, which I immediately used for blackberries to keep fit. U is dark, and London knows everything. It’s a great place.

And what about zen left?
I was worried about that. But one of the guys at the club who took care of us went on the road with me. After those days, it was quite cool, just watch out for the two circles.

What did I miss the most in England?
When I talk about it, it’s probably dark. We have sndan together, lunch after thorns, the bunch is great. But pakkad goes to the family. In Slavia we went for a walk together on the veee, it’s not much here. Yeah, when the two guys make a deal. But everyone, no.

N boy for a billion

Father Frantiek Souek about his son


Do you understand uv cabins?
The jokes in the cabins are similar to those of us. I once lost in football and had to climb a table, which was quite fun with my characters. Otherwise, I dream, it’s glue and glue. When I went to the first interview, I was nervous. In the last month I gave them three or five. When you see the first one and pt, it’s a big difference. Like when I started in the esk league. I also stuttered during the first interview, it’s definitely better.

When you first joined West Ham for the first time after leaving Slavia to arrest Nora, there were thousands of girls at the edest stadium. He gave the house back you played and in June and in front of the empty stadium, how was it?
We had to get used to it, but it’s still freezing on all sides. Fans of two football emotions, on the hit you play with vtm burn, it’s football up and down. I’d like to be back at the tribunch.

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