Numbers instead of crosses on the form: This is how the BAG came up with “misinformation”


Number instead of a cross on the form

A man under 30 is said to have died from the corona virus. Later it turned out that the man is still alive. An incorrectly filled out form should be the reason for the error.

On Friday, the BAG reported the death of a man under 30. The man is said to have died after a corona infection in the canton of Bern and had no previous illnesses. But later it turned out: the man is alive. The canton of Bern denied the man’s death in a media release.

But how could the false report even come about? According to Gundekar Giebel, head of communications at the health department of the canton of Bern, the error occurred in the clinical report of an isolation case, as the Tamedia editorial team reports.

“Incorrectly entered date of death”

The federal government was merely informed that a sick man in the said age group was in isolation. The form contains a box that is ticked in the event of death. But instead of a cross a number was written there. The BAG then rated the report as a death.

The BAG writes on request that the error occurred on an “incorrectly entered date of death”. The Federal Office announced that the death statistics for Covid 19 cases will be corrected by -1 on August 15.

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