On Rai1 “Don’t tell my boss 2”


Double appointment with the fiction “Non dirlo al mio capo 2”, broadcast on Rai1 on Sunday 16 August at 21.25, with Vanessa Incontrada and Lino Guanciale. In the first episode entitled “When he grows up”, Giuseppe in a school play has to impersonate a job, accompanied by an adult as a supervisor. Rocco had volunteered, but, seeing that Perla has thrown him out of the house, the little one decides to change his role, impersonating the profession of a lawyer, and Diego offers to help him. Enricos birthday is approaching and Nina, very happy to be back with her husband, thinks of reviving an old tradition of theirs: she will give Enrico all her day and he will write his wish on a note. Diego accompanies Lisa to work, and Enrico watches them from afar while the two are intent on kissing. Nina has understood that Enricos attention is directed only to Lisa: the man in fact cannot bear to see her with Diego, especially when his wife points out that Diego, being notoriously a womanizer, before meeting Lisa had never shown a lot of interest in a woman …
In the second entitled “Voice of the verb to love”, Lisa is in seventh heaven because thanks to Enrico she won the case and in addition to having entrusted the power of Aurora to Lisa, the court imposed on her father to contribute to the maintenance, but above all Lisa is convinced that between her and Enrico there may still be a future given the wonderful things he said about her during the hearing.

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