Otto Hasibuan: If there were no word of arrest warrant, Djoko Tjandra should have …


Fugitive corruption case transferring the right to claim (cessie) Bank Bali Djoko Tjandra (center) who was arrested in Malaysia. Photo: ANTARA / Muhammad Adimaja, JAKARTA – After visiting Bareskrim for a plan to meet with Djoko Tjandra, Prof. Otto Hasibuan questioned the detention of the convicted Bank of Bali Cessei corruption case.

According to Otto Hasibuan, to make a detention there must first be a written order.

“Because I read Djokos decision there was no order to be detained,” Otto said in a written statement in Jakarta, Saturday (1/8).

“The contents are only one, punish him two years in prison, pay some money.”

In the Criminal Procedure Code, continued Otto, there must be words of arrest. “But, the words of this restrained order do not exist.”

For Otto, if someone is executed, there must be a clear command.

“If there is execution there must be words of execution, which number is amar?” He added.

“So I will clarify first to Djoko. Because, if there are no words of instruction to be detained, so far he has not been at large,” Otto added.

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