Paul Fox horoscope – tomorrow Monday 17 August 2020 – Forecasts for Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Cancer


L’horoscope by Paolo Fox per tomorrow Monday 17 August 2020. We are about to start a new week in August. Someone will have returned from vacation, someone else will still be on vacation. How will next week depart forAries, the Toro, i Gemini and the Cancer? If you are curious to find out, read the following astrological predictions dedicated to the first 4 signs of the zodiac, taken from Paolo Fox’s horoscope for tomorrow.

Paolo Fox horoscope tomorrow Monday 17 August 2020: Aries

As told by Paolo Fox’s horoscope tomorrow the Moon and the Sun will be in favor: little by little things will improve, but you could still try a slight discomfort. In love you will have to use the utmost caution, otherwise you risk worsening a past disagreement. At work there is likely to be something to revise.

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Paolo Fox forecast tomorrow Monday 17 August 2020: Taurus

Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow you may come across an unpleasant one setback: try, however, not to vent the agitation you will feel on others, if you don’t want to end up arguing! From Wednesday afternoon, greater serenity will return.

Horoscope tomorrow Monday 17 August 2020: Gemini

Based on Paolo Fox’s horoscope, tomorrow you will find major optimism e trust in your future. This is just the beginning: there is still a lot to recover, both on the relational and on the working front. New projects are flying too low!

Horoscope tomorrow Monday 17 August 2020: Cancer

According to the astrological predictions of Paolo Fox tomorrow and for the whole week you should take advantage Venere in the sign: in love it will help you to overcome many past torments and will make you want to find the right person by your side. Don’t underestimate new encounters.

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