Pedro Cateriano Peru: Congress, The Grafts of Plaza Bolivar, by Augusto Alvarez Rodrich | Opinion


. Seeing congressmen for 20 hours – as this columnist did – after the exposition of the premier Pedro Cateriano, and then denying him trust, implies the risk of denting convictions in democracy.

Today, when it is fashionable to quote Winston Churchill, it can be remembered that democracy is the worst system of government, with the exception of all the others, but the hooligans who occupy this congress challenge his comment.

With very few exceptions, the congressmen demonstrated that they are a string of unpresentable gaznapiros, irremediable cacasenos, soulless currinches, monkeys with Uzi.

It would be convenient for this despicable sheaf of pelagatos with seats to show a medical certificate proving that on Monday they were drugged or in an ethyl state, because the bullshit they stammered, like feeling offended because the premier said that “Peru is a mining country”, hardly being able to conjugate verbs and tenses, it is a shame that bogs down confidence in what an election can give birth to, in this case a strip of badulaques.

But it is not only a problem of capabilities, but of vocation for crime, because with the leadership of Jose (a) ‘Pepe’ Luna Galvez, the blessing of the acciopopulista Manuel Merino de Lama, and, among many others, the unsuccessful oratory juggling of Daniel Urresti to convince him that he is not a member of this gang, this congress graduated from a hitman by blackmailing the government by granting confidence to the Cateriano cabinet in exchange for the head of the Minister of Education , to stop university reform in order to continue its educational scams, something that parliament has already done three times in recent years. There is no doubt that this congress is the same filth as the previous one dissolved in September.

How does a democracy defend itself against this stain of semovientes that the hemicycle uses to demolish the illusion that, at least in a dramatic circumstance such as that of a pandemicShould private and subordinate interests be left aside, instead of what they are doing every day to demonstrate that they behave like a criminal gang that history will remember in a few years as the ‘Grafts of Plaza Bolivar’?

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