Pictek wireless PS4 controller test: Xbox inspiration for this Bluetooth gamepad, also PC compatible


Construction and ergonomics

Oh, the beautiful Xbox One controller here! Missed… Despite very similar lines, this Pictek controller is absolutely not compatible with Microsoft consoles and is only intended for PS4 and PC. Still, the manufacturer has clearly taken the design of the Xbox One controller, which allows you to quickly find your bearings if you are used to the latter.

The build quality nevertheless remains to the advantage of the Microsoft controller which seems more robust and benefits from a more high-end plastic. The same goes for the more neat finishes, the Pictek controller revealing for its part four screws on its rear face. The latter also seems planned for other controllers, since there are areas prepared for two additional triggers.

Xbox design requires, it is also the asymmetrical arrangement of the analog sticks that distinguishes this controller from the DualShock 4. The left stick is thus positioned more to the left and in height, a directional cross taking the place which is usually assigned to it on the controller. of the PlayStation 4. Or rather should we write directional disc, because if we take advantage of the eight possible orientations, it is indeed a concave disc that we have under the thumb. We gain in fluidity what we lose a little in tactile precision.

More surprisingly, the four buttons on the right are translucent and backlit. If they use the triangle, round, cross and square symbols emblematic of the PlayStation, it is the colors of the Xbox controller that are used here! A way of combining the two worlds, but not enough to disturb regulars. We just regret not being able to deactivate the backlight which can become annoying when playing in complete darkness, like the light zone located on the upper edge, also a little too visible in the dark.

The membership of this Pictek controller in the PlayStation ecosystem leaves no room for doubt when we observe its touchpad characteristic of PlayStation 4 controllers. As on Sony controllers, there are two Share buttons on both sides. and Options. The Home button is also present in the middle of the controller, but loses its PlayStation logo, lack of an official license. Finally, we discover a small Turbo button offering to simulate repeated and very rapid presses on the button of our choice. To activate or deactivate this function, just keep the Turbo button pressed and press the button to this.

With its 1300 mAh battery, the Pictek controller is a little heavier than a DualShock 4, but remains light without unduly tiring the user. Autonomy is still struggling, reaching only about fifteen hours according to our tests (16 hours according to the manufacturer). Charging is done via a micro-USB port, as on the DualShock 4.

Precision and responsiveness

Initially connected by USB to the PlayStation 4, the Pictek controller can work wirelessly and automatically reconnects to the console when it is turned on again with a simple press of the Home button. It uses Bluetooth for this. It is always possible to favor wired use if you want to take advantage of minimal latency, but even in wireless mode, we have observed satisfactory responsiveness. Only competitive players will find fault with it and will more readily turn to a DualShock 4 or a product specially designed for competition, such as the eSwap Pro Controller from Thrustmaster, the Astro C40 TR or the Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller. These last two controllers use a proprietary wireless radio link, faster, but which requires the use of a small USB adapter.

The Bluetooth compatibility of this Pictek controller also gives it PC compatibility, with a connection that is made quite simply, without installing a driver. It is also possible to use the controller on an Android smartphone or tablet, but only wired this time.

Regarding the precision of the controls, nothing to complain about on the side of the analog sticks, the aim is quite precise. More basic than those of the official Xbox One controller, the triggers offer a less convincing touch, but remain quite precise. No complaints either on the vibrations, close to what you can feel with a DualShock 4.

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