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Fist. Dozens of believers of the Andean worldview, every August 1st, move to the intersection of the Ica shreds with Sandia del Santa Barbara neighborhood from the center of the city of Juliaca, to offer an offering to a huge rock installed on the sidewalk that they consider sacred.

Believers offer flowers, wine, beer, streamer and mix to this stone. According to the historians of Puno, this huge stone is considered a huaca to which many worship and worship.

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He historian Rene Calsin, states that the stone is part of the andean culture and that the majority of people who come to it are merchants, who ask them to fulfill a miracle related to trade, family life, health, prosperity, among other wishes.

Various hypotheses arise around this stone, such as the death of people who tried to remove it from the place or who wanted to destroy it.

They say that in 1980 when the Sandia strip was paved, many municipal workers from that time tried to move it, without further results. Many point out that almost the majority of those workers had a tragic end.

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