Quevedos Gandhi bookstore, close to closing, already has some empty shelves


“We have three hours waiting,” say three young people, two university students and a high school student in unison. Everyone is excited despite the fact that there is a line of at least 60 people in front of them who also want to enter the first Gandhi Bookstore Opportunities in Mexico City, in Miguel Angel de Quevedo, which is a few days from closing its doors.

To the naked eye, the row looks endless, stretching from the entrance of the place to several meters; around 200 people wait to find one of their favorite titles or simply go “for what I find, my cap is a thousand pesos,” says a young man.

The expression on the faces of many, who talk to each other to feel less time, is cheerful, as if the sun’s rays do not matter, although few do heat more than one.

A man, approximately 65 years old, waits patiently but with a serious expression; 10 people separate it from its entrance to the bookstore. “Before, I used to come at least once a week, when I was young,” he says quickly, attentive to his shift that will only take 15 minutes inside to make room for another buyer.

“Allow me your doll,” asks a young blond man vehemently with each new entry. “I tell him that he has 15 minutes to choose and buy,” he ends as the anxious eyes of the person who walks the shelves trying to decide where to go.

Some shelves look less than half full; In the background, the wall covered by furniture that once housed hundreds of books looks completely empty like a series of small bookcases. “We did not expect them to sell so fast, this was expected to happen until August 16,” says the manager of the bookstore.

“It is a semicolon for Gandhi, because it doesn’t end. This space is the heart of Gandhi, the first bookstore. We are going to continue ”, says the woman, who has been working for a year and a half in what she calls“ the Gandhi family ”.

A young student of Architecture is sad because she did not find a copy of Haruki Murakami, “it was going to be difficult to find it now”, she says with discouragement and that is that each person has at least three books in their hands while they are still looking for one plus.


Only a few days have passed since the closing of the doors of what will be the future corporate offices and at least 20% of the books it contained have been sold, not to mention that the second half of the place is even closed as there are no more books.

More than a bookstore it is a point where many stories converge. “We are looking for many seniors, who made their thesis here,” says the manager. “Many tell us ‘It is that my dad bought my books here’, and maybe the dad is gone, but they come for that memory,” he says with tears in his eyes.

The woman states that “half of those who are trained out there, come to say goodbye to the store. They do come for the offers but also for the nostalgia ”.

Another young student says that her parents stood in line for three hours so that she could enter, she is holding a couple of notebooks and another couple of books in her hands, she says she is happy because she found what she was looking for. It was worth the wait for her parents. On the other hand, a tall young man says while adjusting his glasses, that he had never seen them line up for books, “that has never happened, it is very rare but it is nice”, he says.


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