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According to a widely recognized model in the United States, a total of nearly 300,000 people could die of coronavirus infection by December. That would be around 140,000 more deaths than at present. If 95 percent of the people in public always wore masks, the number of victims could be significantly lower by December 1, at about 228,000, explained the researchers at the IHME Institute at the University of Washington in Seattle.

The institute’s model now fears 295,000 deaths by December 1. Before the recent sharp increase in new infections in the USA, the model had expected around 230,000 deaths by November 1. “We are experiencing a roller coaster ride in the United States,” said institute director Christopher Murray. As soon as infections increased dramatically in an area, people would wear masks and take the necessary precautions – but once the situation eased, caution would also evaporate, criticized Murray. “This of course leads to more infections. And the potentially fatal cycle starts all over again,” he said.

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So far, almost 160,000 people in the United States have died after being infected with the Sars-CoV-2 pathogen, according to data from the University of Johns Hopkins. There are now almost five million confirmed corona infections nationwide. The number of new infections in the USA has increased significantly since mid-June. On average, the authorities recently reported around 60,000 new infections per day – mainly in states in the south and west of the country.

More than a million corona cases in Africa

In Africa, the number of confirmed coronavirus cases has risen to more than a million. However, health experts believe the actual numbers are many times higher. There are bottlenecks in the corona tests on the continent with 1.3 billion people. Some countries only have one test machine and sometimes fewer than 500 tests were carried out on a million people.

The coronavirus has now spread from cities to remote areas where there is little or no health care. The World Health Organization (WHO) speaks of a “critical point”.

USA lift worldwide rice warning

After almost five months, the US government has lifted its worldwide travel warning for American citizens due to the coronavirus pandemic. The US State Department said that individual ratings would now be published for each country.

The health situation is currently improving sustainably in some countries, while it is deteriorating in other countries. Specific warnings for each country would therefore help US citizens plan their trips, it said.

The ministry rates travel destinations on a scale from one to four. The highest level corresponds to a travel warning and has been in effect worldwide since March 19. Now all 27 EU countries, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Turkey are on level three of the warning system. This means US citizens are called upon to reconsider their travel plans.

Irish health professionals concerned

Health experts in Ireland are concerned about the reproductive number (R) rising to around 1.8. Statistically speaking, a sick person infects 1.8 other people, a sign that the epidemic is spreading. “A reproductive number close to two is a serious problem,” explains epidemiologist Philip Nolan. There is a “significant risk” that there could be a significant increase in the spread of the virus in society.

Turkey wants to tighten measures against Corona again

The Turkish Interior Ministry has announced further measures to contain the coronavirus. There is “one-on-one surveillance” for people who need to self-isolate, especially during the first seven days, a statement said. Officials should support contact tracing. The number of new infections in Turkey had recently risen above the 1000 per day mark.

No violations of the compulsory wearing of masks and keeping one’s distance would be accepted, for example at weddings and circumcision ceremonies. Post-funeral gatherings would be restricted. To encourage precautionary measures, stores and transportation services that followed safety rules would be marked with a logo as “safe places” after three inspections, the ministry said. Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu announced extensive inspections on Twitter for Thursday.

According to official information, more than 236,000 people have been infected with the coronavirus in Turkey and 5,784 people have died. More than five million tests have been performed. The number of new infections every day had dropped below 1,000 before shops reopened in Turkey in early June.

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