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The long-awaited return to television by Rodrigo Gonzalez and Gigi Miter seems to be closer than ever. Producer Renzo Madrid, who has previously worked with the duo, showed images of what would be the set of the new show program that would be premiered by Willax.

With the recording, it shows that the controversial drivers would have concluded the negotiations with the aforementioned channel, after the meeting they had at the end of July.

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Despite the fact that an official statement has not been made and that there is no more information about the program, the mysterious message of Renzo madrid On Instagram, it generated expectation among the fans of Rodrigo Gonzalez and Gigi Miter.

“Very soon your lunches will be as before,” wrote the producer and tagged the accounts of the popular ‘Peluchin’ and his driving partner.

It should be noted that previously the influencer used his social networks to send a singular warning to all the characters of the show business after being shown on the outside of Willax: “My loves, I interrupt our shipments to send a message to the whole show lorcha: I know j … n. How are we going to have fun! “

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Both said goodbye to the small screen in 2019, after the end of Válgame Dios. (Photo: Instagram)

Rodrigo Gonzalez and Gigi Miter left television in 2019, after their untimely departure from Valgame Dios. The problems with the channel’s management caused both presenters to say goodbye to viewers, who every day tuned in to their customary ‘ampays’.

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