Samuel Le Bihan: what handicap does his daughter suffer from?


This Saturday August 1, 2020, TF1 is broadcasting in prime time a new number of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire ?. Camille Combal will this time receive on the set of her show the actors Gerard Jugnot, Samuel Le Bihan, Julie de Bona, Guy Lecluyse, as well as comedians Mathieu Madenian and Patrick Sebastien. The opportunity to dwell on the private life of Samuel Le Bihan.

The emblematic actor of the Alex Hugo television series, broadcast on France 2, is the father of three children. In 1995 a little boy named Jules was born, born from his old love affair with actress Patricia Franchino. In December 2011 comes into the world Angia, from her ex-relationship with Daniela Beye. Finally on August 13, 2018, Samuel Le Bihan becomes the dad of his last daughter baptized Emma-Rose, whom he had with the model, DJ and actress Angie Vu Ha. Her second child has autism. He found out when Angia was only 22 months old. Guest on the set of the show … he won’t get out of here, the 54-year-old actor spoke of his daughter’s illness. One evening, when she left school, the latter announced her father that her little classmates had called her disabled.

Angia is convinced that she is completely normal

“I asked her what she thought about it. And she said to me: ‘I am normal’. I did not have the courage to tell her anything other than what she had decided.“, said Samuel Le Bihan with emotion. “She comes to an age where she understands things [Angia a actuellement 8 ans, NDLR]. … it should be my role to tell her that she is not like the others, but she has such a desire to be like the others that I cannot“, continued the actor near Michel Cymes.”It’s not denial, but I remain convinced that when you tell yourself that you can do things, you can do it, so I really help her believe that she can make the girlfriends she wants, that she has the energy to be like the others, that nothing stops her and that everything is possible“, added Samuel Le Bihan, specifying that”if she considers it normal, then it is! “

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