Small novelty in the Tesla Model Y but very useful for many


Tesla has added a “sticker” that improves the way to open the door in the Tesla Model Y (probably also in Model 3)

The Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y have a peculiar way of opening doors. true? Whoever has a Model 3 or has mounted one of them once inside the car is not entirely intuitive to open the doors.

The reason is because the electronic opening of the doors is by means of a button, a button that is located discreetly on the door and that very few people detect it, having to ask how to get out or instead opening the door manually, something that if not done correctly can cause misalignments in the door.

Many users to avoid these problems put a kind of sticker that indicated in a clearer way how to open the door for those people who are not used to traveling in a Model 3 or a Model Y, in this way they prevented other people from opening by error the door manually with the previously mentioned danger.

In this image, taken from the Tesla Model Y manual you can see the two ways to open the door, the one on the left refers to the electronic opening where the drawing is barely visible and the manual way on the right, for many people a much easier way to open it.

Thanks to Christian Bibay, new owner of a Tesla Model Y has published that the way to show or label the door button is much more visible and understandable, so it will be much easier to identify the button in question to those people who are not used to said opening.

What’s more, from the photo that has been seen, it is very similar to the labels that many people have used to put them on the buttons.

At the moment it is unknown if the new Model 3 units are also applying such a change, we understand that yes and that it would be logical for them to begin to appear with that identification, a subtle change but in turn very useful.

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