Spiderman’s private Xbox players in Marvel’s Avengers


According to an English dealer, bad news may well await Xbox gamers who are fans of the Marvel universe.

While there are plenty of rumors in the halls that Sony has gone on the offensive when it comes to certain exclusives with third-party publishers, here we find out that one of them could be about Marvel’s Avengers. For a few minutes, the English online sales site Base.com let appear a strange annotation on the page of one of the next games dedicated to the heroes of the Marvel universe.

As you can see with the screenshot present below, the site mentions that only PlayStation 4 players will have the chance to play as Spider-Man. Information which, if it were to be confirmed, would be a huge blow for the Japanese brand when we know the character’s aura with many fans.

Information dropped too quickly or a simple mistake on the part of the dealer? How do you feel about the issue?

Source : web.archive.org://www.base.com/buy/product/marvels-avengers-ps4/dgc-avengersps4.htm

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