Tesla: Another pickup & transporter planned


With its “Cybertruck” electric pickup unveiled at the end of last year, Tesla is breaking new ground in design. The wedge-shaped look of the model also shocked fans of the California, but many reservations were received for the new model in a short time. In a podcast interview with Automotive News CEO Elon Musk spoke about the current level of interest and other possible electric cars.

“At least 200,000” reservations for the cyber truck with a deposit of $ 100 had been received. The more than 600,000 pre-orders speculated on the Internet are therefore not available, but the demand for the pickup still seems to be high. Tesla does not have a specific buyer group in mind with the model. “We just built what we thought was a great car that looked super weird,” Musk said. He wanted to realize “a futuristic main battle tank” that was “highly functional”.

The cybertruck was primarily designed for the North American market, Musk continued. The vehicle should be able to tow a boat or a horse trailer or pull tree stumps out of the earth. “Off-road adventures” and use on construction sites are also possible without any problems. The Cybertruck also has its own generator and an air compressor, among other things, and the body parts are “bulletproof”.

Should the Cybertruck turn out to be a flop despite its high functionality and the initial hype, Tesla is prepared to bring a more traditional pickup truck. “If no one wants to buy an unusual looking truck, we build a normal truck, no problem,” said Musk.

In North America, the cyber truck will be handed over to customers from the end of 2021. In which other markets it will start is still open. On Twitter The Tesla boss recently announced that there would “later very likely” be a smaller version of the e-pickup for Europe. The large cyber truck in its current form should not be approved in this country: According to an expert, the current basic concept contradicts the common European security philosophy.

Tesla plans more models

Musk said in his interview Automotive News also to other possible new models. In addition to compact cars for China and Europe, this also includes a larger van that should be able to serve both as a commercial vehicle and as a passenger vehicle. In the long term, it would make sense to cover all central “functional areas”, said Musk.

The Tesla portfolio currently consists of the Premium Sedan Model S, the large SUV Model X and the Sedan Model 3 and the SUV Model Y in the mid-range segment. In addition to the cyber truck, the semi-electric e-truck and the successor to the roadster built until 2012 are currently under construction. Later, the CEO would like to build 20 million vehicles a year with Tesla, he finally revealed. For comparison: Volkswagen built 10.8 million vehicles in 2019 as the world’s largest manufacturer. “We really want to make a difference in the field of sustainable transport and sustainable energy,” Musk emphasized.

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