that governors assume their responsibility


Deputies federal Brunette supported the undersecretary of Health and Prevention, Hugo Lopez-Gatell, and they promoted several labels such as # MexicoConGatell, #GatellSeQueda and #GatellMexicoTeRespalda through their accounts on the Twitter social network.

The federal deputy of Morena and member of the Health Commission, Javier Hidalgo, asked the nine governors who requested the Lopez-Gatell resignation let them assume their responsibility and act at height of circumstances.

“More nine governors take responsibility and act up to the circumstances. #GatellSeQueda #GatellMexicoTeRespalda “, posted the Morena capital legislator.

Meanwhile, the president of the Governance Commission, Rocio Barrera posted that all of Mexico is with Lopez-Gatell because she knows how to lead the country and adapt to the challenges of the contingency generated by Covid-19.

“All # MexicoConGatell, because he knows how to lead the country and adapt to the challenges of this contingency,” the brunette legislator posted.

This Friday, nine governors of the Federalist Alliance, which make up the states of Aguascalientes, Coahuila, Colima, Durango, Guanajuato, Jalisco, Michoacan, Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas, and those who govern more than 40 million Mexicans, demanded the immediate resignation of the undersecretary of Health and Prevention and in charge of the strategy to fight Covid-19, Hugo Lopez-Gatell, because they accused that with him there will only be “more death” and they blamed him for the crisis the country is in and for acting politically.

According to consulted sources, the governors’ annoyance with Lopez-Gatell began since last May 27, when in one of the first virtual meetings, the federal official suggested that there only be an epidemiological traffic light in the entire country to measure the pandemic However, the leaders opposed and demanded that they have the last word because they were more accurate than the national accounts.

Another annoyance to the governors was flaws in their predictions of pandemic spikes and deaths. But the greatest anger occurred since three weeks ago, when the national traffic light was revealed, but the governors detected that it operated out of phase, because it was fed with backward figures and not with the real ones that the states have day by day. And the most recent element happened this Thursday, when Lopez-Gatell threatened to impose administrative, civil and / or even criminal responsibilities on those who will not abide by the color of the federal traffic light.

For this reason, this Friday, in a letter, the governors Martin Orozco (PAN), from Aguascalientes; Miguel Angel Riquelme (PRI), from Coahuila; Ignacio Peralta (PRI), from Colima; Jose Rosas Aispuro (PAN), from Durango; Diego Sinhue Rodriguez (PAN), from Guanajuato; Enrique Alfaro (MC) from Jalisco; Silvano Aureoles (PRD), from Michoacan; Jaime Rodriguez (Independent) and Francisco Javier Garcia Cabeza de Vaca (PAN) from Tamaulipas, demanded that an expert in the field be put in charge of this epidemic, who has knowledge and humility to fully understand the issues of this crisis health as serious as the one we are going through.


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