The Flash, the movie: Does the arrival of Michael Keaton in the skin of Batman jeopardize the return of Jeffrey Dean Morgan?


Could Jeffrey Dean Morgan take on the role of Batman alongside Michael Keaton in The Flash?

While we wonder if the film The Flash will emerge, a new scandal that can splash Ezra Miller (Barry Allen), many fans are hoping for such an adaptation. It must be said that this one appears particularly promising, the feature film allowing in particular the DCEU to bounce back after the failure of Justice League by introducing the Multiverse. If this one could have a significant impact on the entire universe thanks to the many crossovers, Michael Keaton should be back as Batman. An announcement that did not fail to arouse the curiosity of fans, the presence of the actor nevertheless forcing us to wonder if this could prevent that of Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the role of Thomas Wayne?

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Thomas Wayne. – Credit (s): Warner Bros

This question appears relevant insofar as we asked ourselves whether the arrival of the Multiverse in The Flash could sign the return of Jeffrey Dean Morgan. This possibility is not surprising given that Bruce Wayne’s father plays the role of Batman in the Flashpoint comic book, from which the film is based. If the production should remain faithful to the comics, it has however already made some changes, the battle between the Amazons and the Atlanteans not ultimately being at the heart of the plot. Therefore, if the studios come to take so much freedom with the film, why could they not replace Thomas Wayne, with a unique Batman played by Michael Keaton?

Thomas Wayne aka Batman in the Flashpoint comics.
Thomas Wayne aka Batman in the Flashpoint comics. – Credit (s): DC Comics

Although the Multiverse can encourage many crossovers, thus promoting the coexistence of the two actors within the same film, remains that the information around the return of Jeffrey Dean Morgan and the presence of Thomas Wayne would have already been denied by The Hollywood Reporter, making Michael Keaton the only Batman in the feature film. Nevertheless, the star of the series The Walking Dead and Supernatural said he was ready to reprise the role of the famous DC character in The Flash. An enthusiasm that could finally convince the Warner, especially as Jeffrey Dean Morgan would have confided to CBR that some discussions are currently underway!

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