The government could discuss the possible inclusion of Lithuania in the list of countries most affected by Covid-19 – Latvia – News


He informed that the government will hear a report from the Ministry of the Interior (MoI) on the surveillance of state borders in the conditions of Covid-19 tomorrow.

Asked to comment on the rapid increase in the incidence of Covid-19 in Lithuania and the possible action of Latvia, this neighboring country, possibly on the list of so-called “yellow” or “red” countries, Kariņš admitted that he monitors the situation with Covid-19 incidence in various European countries every day. Countries of the Union.

The Prime Minister pointed out that he was more concerned about the situation in Latvias neighboring countries, adding that the rates of Covid-19 incidence in Lithuania were on an upward trend.

“Currently, there are procedures for entering from the” yellow “or” red “country – 14 days of self-isolation must be observed. Tomorrow the MoI will report on how we monitor the external borders, and tomorrow this question will be asked accordingly – if the indicators in Lithuania go up, we will act accordingly, “Kariņš said, adding that so far the government has not considered the situation in Lithuania.

It has already been reported that 38 people have been infected with the new coronavir virus in Lithuania last day and another death has been confirmed with the disease Covid-19, the Ministry of Health announced on Monday.

Thus, in Lithuania, infection with this virus was detected in a total of 2673 people. Hospitals are currently treating 37 infected people, five of whom are in resuscitation or intensive care units, one person needs artificial ventilation, and 19 people have oxygen masks. 1766 people have been confirmed to recover, according to data published by the National Center for Public Health.

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