The key to victory according to Claude Julien


On the eve of the first clash of the series involving the Canadiens and the Flyers, CH head coach Claude Julien met the media for a few minutes after his team’s training.

For the experienced pilot, the recipe for success will not be very complicated.

See his full press briefing in the video above.

“Everyone will have to be good,” said Julien first.

“Philadelphia is a very stable team that excels in all facets of the game. You have to respect the Flyers and not just rely on three defensemen and our goalie. We will need the contribution of all the players on our team. ”

Asked about the potential lines that could be used against “Philly”, Claude Julien offered a more cautious answer.

“I will play the same game than Philadelphia and I will not disclose my intentions as to which lines I wish to use. It’s like that.”

The key to victory

While many amateurs and experts insist on qualifying the Penguins and Flyers as “different” teams, the Quebec coach does not adhere to this theory. Not at all, even.

“I don’t see the big contrast that everyone seems to find between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. The Penguins liked to play fast by throwing the puck behind our defenders. The Flyers also play this way. I don’t really see any marked differences. ”

Asked to elaborate on the strategy he intends to use to defeat his rivals from Pennsylvania, Julien concluded his press briefing in this way.

“We have to skate well and use our forward chess properly. This is how we will generate opportunities. Our speed, when used correctly, brings a lot of positive to our game. It helps us to put opposing defenders on their heels. I don’t know what the Flyers have planned to counter that, but we have in mind to play with some speed. ”

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