The start-up “Une Petite Mousse” closes its brewery


The news may not appeal to hop lovers. The brewery of the company “Une Petite Mousse” was forced to go out of business, leading with it to the brewer’s dismissal. The confinement was fatal at the brewery explains Clement Fichot, event manager of the company: “80% of our production was blocked for four months, and at the same time, our lessor made us pay the four months rent, when the premises were empty and we had zero turnover.”

State aid, deemed insufficient by the company, would not have been enough to save the brewery, and faced with a probable extension of health and social distancing rules, “Une Petite Mousse” preferred to close its premises now. to focus on other activities, such as bar or selling products online.

The know-how remains

If the premises are empty, the twenty or so employees of the start-up wish to continue brewing beer: “Our goal is to go and brew beers on an ad hoc basis at partner breweries who would be ready to welcome us to collaborate, a bit like a nomadic brewery.”

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