“There are technicians who are light. In Mexico the players do what they want”


The technician trained in Mexico, Ricardo La Volpe, spoke about the stars of Mexican soccer, the difference between Jimenez and Chicharito and the Gatusso-Chucky Lozano relationship.

GUADALAJARA – The Argentine Ricardo La Volpe, coach of Mexico in the World Cup in Germany 2006, assured this Saturday that in Mexico the coaches have a soft hand and the players are often undisciplined.

“Great figures are difficult to discipline, only the ‘Tuca Ricardo Ferretti He has no problem handling a team of figures like Tigers, but there are technicians who are light. In Mexico the players do what they want, “the strategist explained to Efe.

When The Fox ended his process with the Mexican team in Germany 2006, eight Tri players emigrated to European football, but that inertia was stopped, which the strategist interprets as a mentality problem.

When referring to figures such as forwards Carlos Vela or Javier Chicharito Hernandez, who have preferred to continue their careers in soccer in the United States instead of Europe, La Volpe blamed it on comfort.

“They feel that it is easier, there they are safe and without pressure; there is a mentality problem, that’s why Cristiano Ronaldo it is Cristiano Ronaldo The Messi it is Messi. They are proud and want to show the world that they are the best, “he said.

The Fox acknowledged that it is worrying that Mexicos star striker, Chicharito Hernandez, who has played three World Cups with the team, has opted to sign with the Los Angeles Galaxy instead of continuing in Europe.

“He walked from one side to another, passed through the Real Madrid y Manchester United; perhaps if he continued in Europe he would grow in some other team, instead, it was easier for him to go to the United States to earn a fortune, with a comfortable life, unlike Raul Jimenez who grows up in Wolverhampton in England, “he added.

Another example he gave was that of Hirving Lozanoattacker Naples of the Italian soccer league, who had discrepancies with coach Gennaro Gatusso.

“In Mexico they criticize Gatusso without foundation. Here Lozano was the offensive crack for the quality he has, but he must learn notions of modern football and Gatusso told him things, such as changing his profile, going down to pressure or running to cover the rival; thus the problem started, “he revealed.

For The Fox, the Mexican player must understand the demands of European football and adapt to the requirements.

He recalled that after his time in the Mexican team, the players who went to football in Europe showed hunger to transcend, something that he does not see in those who emigrate today.

“With me he did not go to the fifth game in a World Cup either, but he played a great role in the Confederations Cup 2005 and inherited a style with players who opened up to the European market, all went hungry and eager, but now they want to be without pressure, here they lose a game and laugh, they sign autographs. Everything is lighter, in Europe it is different, “he said.

The Fox He commented on the Mexican coaches who do not emigrate either and recalled that they do not have the opportunity to be seen.

“The Mexican technicians do not leave because they do not see them. The Copa America or the Libertadores look at it in Europe, and Mexico is no longer due to economic or managerial reasons. It was a serious mistake to stop attending, when the invitation was already secure, but it seems that the leaders do not realize it “, he concluded.

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