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With the right tips, starting your apprenticeship is easier. has collected and listed the most important points for you.

For many young people, a new phase of life starts with basic vocational training. This is a particular challenge for many, especially in times of coronavirus. Teaching is an important step for a successful professional future and it changes the lives of young people greatly. We have a few tips to help you get off to a good start in your new apprenticeship!

Be open

Be open to the new challenge. A lot will be new to you, but with the right attitude you will soon get used to it. Show interest in the new things and ask immediately if anything is unclear.

Respect and decency

Your staff will be happy to help you. Meet them with the necessary respect and decency. You will see how you will get to know your teammates quickly and better and who knows, maybe new friendships will soon be formed.

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Active participation

There is no better opportunity to get to know your new work colleagues than at employee events. Do not be shy and seek excuses not to be there, but take part and approach others openly.

Create a schedule

Teaching will mess up your schedule so far. You will have less free time than at school. So make a plan that will help you start your apprenticeship well. The contents of the plan are: working hours, vocational school, courses, study times and freedom for you.

Stay positive

No matter whether you are doing a physical apprenticeship or working in the office, the first few weeks will be a lot of getting used to. Some find it easier, others find it harder. It is important to stay positive. No master has fallen from the sky yet. You will see: With a positive basic attitude, the adjustment goes quickly and well and you will soon get used to it.

professional school

You finally finished school? No, it’s not quite like that. Vocational school is also part of a good education. Whether in individual days or block weeks, you will always go to school during your apprenticeship. Vocational school is very important, work with it from the start so that you don’t suddenly have to rework everything.

Address problems

Don’t you feel treated right? Are you in trouble at school? Do not hesitate to contact the person responsible for your training company if you have any problems. The sooner a problem is addressed, the faster and better it can be solved. The advice of friends or family is always very helpful.

Personal hygiene

Nobody likes to talk about it, but it is very important. From job to job you will have different expectations of your appearance. The killer par excellence is a lack of personal hygiene everywhere. Regular showering and fresh clothes are simply part of it.

set goals

Set achievable goals. For example, passing the first inter-company course or successfully completing the forklift test. When you reach your goals, it will push you and you will be able to target new, higher goals.

have fun

Enjoy what you do. You received the apprenticeship because your new company is convinced of you. Never forget that and enjoy your education. Every day gives you the chance to learn something new. wishes everyone a good start and a lot of joy in their new phase of life!

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