UFC am 08.08..: Lewis vs. Oleinik


The Black Beast is back in the Octagon!

At the weekend, Derrick Lewis will fight his second UFC fight this year and meet Aleksei Oleinik in the main event of the UFC Fight Night on August 8th.

The 35-year-old Lewis wants to expand the winning streak with a success over Oleinik and thus come within reach of a title fight.

(Betting odds from 05.08.2020, 07:00 a.m.)

If The Black Beast wins a win over the experienced Oleinik, there may be only one hurdle to overcome before a possible title fight for Derrick Lewis. The best bookmakers see Lewis against Oleinik as favorites according to odds. The Black Beast is currently winning up to 1.50 (@ Bet365).

Aleksei Oleinik is one of the oldies at UFC. The Russian heavyweight is now 43 years old and will be contesting his 74th MMA professional fight. There has never been a single title fight for Oleinik in the entire UFC career. It is quite possible that it will stay that way, after all, the UFC heavyweight is currently very promising.

The struggles of the UFC on 08.08. – Main card

There are four more fights on the main card of the UFC Fight Night on 08.08.2020. Among other things, you can see the fight of Chris Weidman, who changes back to the middleweight division after his short intermezzo in the light heavyweight division. In addition to another middleweight fight, there are also bantamweight and lightweight fights.

Betting base for the UFC on 08.08. with the main event Lewis vs. Oleinik has an exclusive preview with the most important information, statistics, betting odds and a forecast for tendency bets.

(Betting odds from 05.08.2020, 07:00 a.m.)

UFC am 08.08.: Lewis vs. Oleinik – Livestream & TV-Infos

In the night from Saturday (August 8th) to Sunday (August 9th) the UFC Fight Night rises in APEX, the training ground of the martial arts organization. The streaming service DAZN will be the UFC on 08.08. including the main event Lewis vs. Oleinik broadcast live, optionally with original commentary and German commentary.

When & where is Lewis vs. Oleinik live at the UFC on 08.08.2020?

Venue:UFC APEX, Las Vegas
Date:In the night from Saturday (August 8th) to Sunday (August 9th)
Time:from 03:00 a.m. (CET)
TV / Live Stream:DAZN, UFC Fightpass

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United States Derrick Lewis – Statistics & Current Form

  • Spitzname: The Black Beast
  • Alter: 35
  • Size: 1.91 m
  • Reach: 201 cm
  • MMA Balance: 23-7 (1 NC)

Derrick Lewis may face the next heavyweight fight for UFC gold. The Black Beast was awarded a title fight for the first time in his UFC career almost two years ago, but had no chance in the big fight against Daniel Cormier and was defeated after submission. Almost half a year after the defeat in the title fight, the next setback followed against Junior dos Santos.

The Black Beast in the fast lane?

Lewis was beaten by dos Santos for the fourth time in his MMA career after a knockout. Last year, The Black Beast came back with a win over Blagoy Ivanov and was able to continue at UFC 247. There Lewis surprisingly managed the second victory in a row after a point decision.

“I’m not really interested in the title, even if it means more money. This also goes hand in hand with a headache. All the attention and commitments are not for me, I’m just not a human person. That’s why I say crazy stuff in my interviews. I hate giving interviews. People should just leave me alone. “

Derrick Lewis

Considering what an all-or-nothing mentality Derrick Lewis often gets into the cage with, fights over the full distance are hardly conceivable. After all, The Black Beast is one of the most powerful fighters in the UFC heavyweight division. Only Francis Ngannou, who was also defeated by Lewis, can once again outperform that power.

Follows Lewis vs. Ngannou II?

If Derrick Lewis wins his upcoming fight against Aleksei Oleinik, it will likely be the second edition between Lewis vs. Give Ngannou. Both heavyweights are aiming for a title fight and are already being treated as potential opponents by Miocic or Cormier.

On average, Derrick Lewis landed just under 2.53 significant beats per minute. Compared to other UFC fighters, this statistic is below average, but it should be borne in mind that every stroke by Lewis has knockout potential. His massive blows are his trademark, as is his special quality.

A fight on the ground will avoid Derrick Lewis. Nothing should change in the upcoming fight against Oleinik. If Lewis can use his strengths against Oleinik in the stand fight, betting on The Black Beast will have a good chance.

Russian Federation Aleksei Oleinik – Statistics & Current Form

  • Spitzname: The Boa Constrictor
  • Alter: 43
  • Size: 1.88 m
  • Reach: 207 cm
  • MMA record: 59-13 (1 draw)

Aleksei Oleinik started his MMA career almost 24 years ago. The Russian heavyweight has since completed 73 fights, including twelve fights for the Ultimate Fighting Championship. So far, the 43-year-old Russian has missed the big breakthrough, but remains confident despite his advanced age. Recently there were two wins in a row.

Will the next UFC success beckon?

The winning streak is to be increased at the weekend. The oldie wants to preserve his first and possibly last chance for the UFC title. In his almost six-year UFC career, Aleksei Oleinik has never fought for UFC gold. Before a possible title fight, Oleinik will have to fight another fight after the upcoming Lewis hurdle.

This year the 43-year-old is fighting his third fight. In his last two fights, Oleinik celebrated a victory over Maurice Greene (submission) and Fabricio Werdum (majority decision / point decision). Last year impressively proved that fighters do not really suit the experienced Russian.

Oleinik no chance in a stand fight?

The Russian heavyweight suffered brutal defeats against Overeem and Harris. In the latter, the lights were switched off for the oldie after just twelve seconds. A scenario that cannot be ruled out when fighting Derrick Lewis. Oleinik has great strengths in ground combat, but has some deficits on its feet.

His supposedly better statistics shouldn’t be overrated. After all, those are related to his entire UFC career. Should the 43-year-old Russian instruct us otherwise and master the upcoming fight, Lewis vs. Oleinik paid high odds on the outsider’s win.

United States Lewis vs. Oleinik Russian Federation – Statistics highlights

signed Beats per minute2.533.72
Hit rate (sign. Hits)49%50%
Section. Beats per minute2.143.30
repulsed blows44%47%

UFC on 08.08. – Preview, forecast & betting odds * of all fights

In addition to the main event between Lewis and Oleinik, the middleweight fight between Chris Weidman and Omari Akhmedov is undoubtedly the second big highlight of the evening. Weidman returns to the cage after almost a year off, but unlike his recent light heavyweight bout, will be back in the middleweight division.

Is it the Weidman vs. Akhmedov betting odds of the best bookmakers, is the former middleweight champion in the favorites role. In his last six fights, Weidman had only one victory. Against an up-and-coming fighter like Akhmedov, Weidman’s next setback might follow.

Can the outsiders convince on the main card?

Attractive odds are currently being offered for the underdogs on the main card. The fact that fighters like Stoliarenko, Akhmedov, Holtzman and Pitolo should not be underestimated is clear when you look at the latest statistics from the supposed outsiders. Betting base has for the further fights of UFC Fight Night 174 on 08.08. trend tips and betting odds summarized in the table below.

UFC on 08.08. – best tips & odds

(Betting odds from 05.08.2020, 07:00 a.m.)

United States Lewis vs. Oleinik Russian Federation – UFC am 08.08.: Prognose & Wettbasis-Trend

Derrick Lewis senses the chance of the next title fight. The Black Beast returned to winning ways with two wins in a row and will only have one hurdle to overcome after a possible win over Oleinik. According to media reports, a second edition between Lewis vs. Ngannou is quite likely to be. After all, both heavyweights are traded as the next title challenger.

For Aleksei Oleinik, the last professional fights may be coming up. The 43-year-old Russian heavyweight will hardly be able to keep up with the aspiring fighters. Most recently there have been two wins in a row, but a defeat against Derrick Lewis will put a potential title fight far away. Accordingly, a withdrawal of the Russian after this fight cannot be ruled out.

Key-Facts – Lewis vs. Oleinik – UFC Tipp

  • Both fighters have recently taken two wins in a row.
  • If Lewis wins his fight against Oleinik, the second edition between Lewis vs. Ngannou.
  • Oleinik will play his 74th MMA professional fight on Saturday.

At the UFC main event on 08.08. Between Lewis and Oleinik we assume a one-sided fight in favor of The Black Beast. The 35-year-old American should make short work of the Russian oldie and celebrate a safe knockout victory. We would at Lewis vs. Oleinik tend to recommend betting on good odds on a knockout win by The Black Beast.

United States Derrick Lewis vs. Aleksei Oleinik Russian Federation – Betting odds * 08.08.2020

United States Derrick Lewis: 1.50 @Bet365
Russian Federation Alexei Oleinik: 2.70 @Bet365

At Bet365 on Lewis vs. Bet Oleinik!

United States Derrick Lewis vs. Aleksei Oleinik Russian Federation – An overview of other interesting bets & betting odds *:

Fighting goes the full distance?
JA: 5.00 @Betway
NO: 1.15 @Betway

Victory method

United States Derrick Lewis after KO, TKO, disqualification or assignment: 1.61 @Betway
Russian Federation Aleksei Oleinik after KO, TKO, disqualification or task: 3.30 @Betway
Tap the winning method on Betway

(Betting odds from 05.08.2020, 07:00 a.m.)

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