Una Vita Anticipazioni from 24 to 29 August 2020: Alfredo has Liberto arrested


Let’s see together what the Plots and the Summary of the episodes of Soap Una Vita reveal, aired from Monday 24 to Saturday 29 August 2020. Here are the Advances of the Soap for the episodes aired on Canale 5, in the last week of August.

Here are the Advances of A life for bets airing from 24 to 29 August 2020 on Channel 5. Let’s find out What’s up, the Summary and the Weft for the Episodes of the Soap broadcast the next week Monday to Saturday at 2.10pm.

Previews of Una Vita for the week from 24 to 29 August 2020

Episode aired on Monday 24 August 2020

Push in the house by Ursula, Casilda surprise Freed e Genoveva while they are about to make love. The maid runs away in shock and the Seler tries to stop her. Unfortunately for him Rosina arrives just at that moment and furious, leaves her husband and vows to ask for a divorce. Liberto regrets his betrayal and will try every way to win back his wife while Salmeron has succeeded in her plan of take advantage of the crisis between the two spouses. Rafael meanwhile he communicates to Love who will leave very soon on tour and the girl, happy and enthusiastic, kisses the musician.

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Episode broadcast on Tuesday 25 August 2020

Antonito saw the kiss between Love e Rafael and communicates it to Emilio who – understood that he no longer has any hope with the girl – renounces Dominguez’s love forever. For her part, however, Cinta seems not at all convinced of her feelings for the musician despite the fact that she is about to announce not only his departure but also their engagement. Ramon continues his investigation of Alfredo, convinced that the Bryce is a crook.

Episode aired on Wednesday 26 August 2020

Ramon is increasingly convinced that Alfredo cheated everyone and seeks the support of Felipe to frame the man and report him to the police. Susana talk with Rosina of Freed and tries to encourage Hidalgo to give her husband a chance. Genoveva wounds herself and claims that it was Alfredo who made them, furious for his betrayal with Freed. Salmeron manages to lead her side Lolita who, shocked by the news and moved, goes to see the woman against the advice of Antonito. Felipe has bad news for the Palacios: Banco Americanos archives were destroyed in a fire. Love e Rafael inform the Dominguez of their tour.

Episode aired on Thursday 27 August 2020

Felipe informed the Palacios that Banco Americanos archives were destroyed in a fire. Alfredo bursts from Susanna with a bombshell: he reported Freed accused of having beaten Genoveva. Bryce later confronts Ramon and openly threatens him by ordering him to stop investigating him. Love e Rafael they ask the Dominguez for permission to leave for the tour but Bellita she is shocked by the news of the engagement and asks her daughter for time to reflect. Eventually, the former ballerina agrees to let her little girl take flight but she’ll have to go with her Arantxa.

Episode aired Friday 28 August 2020

Bellita wants to organize a party at the New Century to celebrate the novelty of the tour of Love e Rafael. During lunch, Rafael communicates that the departure has been brought forward, leaving both shocked Emilio that Cinta. Cesareo, after hearing Camino to name a certain in his sleep Valdeza, keep asking for information. During his research he notices a photo in a newspaper where the name “Tenuta Valdeza” appears. The servant understands that Valdeza is not a person but a place.

Episode aired on Saturday 29 August 2020

Ramon think of a new plan: he will unmask the Bryce thanks to a reporter. Meanwhile Felipe gives Spanish language lessons to Marcia, his new maid. There seems to be a great understanding between the two. Susana she had managed to convince Rosina talking to her husband but things went differently. Freed was arrested under the amazed eyes of Rosina and neither Felipe nor Susana have been able to prevent it. Luckily Il Seler was able to free himself with the help of his lawyer friend and runs to his wife to ask her forgiveness and another opportunity. Hidaldo announces that theirs marriage is over. Between Alfredo and Ramon it is now open war!

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