Vanessa Paradis: Her “difficult period” after the success of Joe the taxi


Vanessa Paradis shines in the pages of Marie Claire magazine, September 2020 issue of which she is on the cover. It illuminates the beach of Deauville. But the one who was chosen to be the president of the 46th American Film Festival (from September 4 to 13) has known dark hours, and very young.

For the 47-year-old singer and actress, her first film Noce Blanche, in which she plays the role of the lover of one of her teachers, will forever be the one who taught her a lot about the profession of actress. Vanessa Paradis remembers that she had shot it at a difficult time, two years after the success of her first hit, the unforgettable Joe the Taxi. “Jean-Claude Brisseau chose me, but he was very demanding, not at all in gentleness or kindness. He was a severe character, she recalls in Marie Claire. I was 16, it was a difficult period in my career, I was not good about myself. This discomfort came from the eyes and expectations of others. “In the street, the relationship with others was complicated: after the success of Joe the taxi, I became the singer of the Top 50 that we wanted to make fun of…”, she confides. But the shooting of Noce Blanche allowed her to mature and move forward and the film changed her image. “The shooting taught me a lot about the job, but also about myself, about what I could put up with to come out the best. It was also this film that changed the perception people had of me, not my progress in music. With Noce Blanche, we started to take me seriously, ”explains Vanessa Paradis.

If success has accompanied Samuel Benchetrit’s wife throughout her career, she will never forget the criticisms she faced from a very young age. “It’s extremely violent, the attacks in the middle of adolescence, when you’re so vulnerable. Time has not made me indifferent, far from it, but I quickly learned to focus on the essential, my work. Otherwise, we can’t survive it, analyzes Lily-Rose and Jack Depp’s mother. Fortunately, I tell myself that bad articles will last less time than good films on film. ”

The full interview with Vanessa Paradis can be found in the September 2020 issue of Marie Claire, on newsstands on July 30, 2020.


World news – Vanessa Paradis: Her “difficult period” after the success of Joe the taxi

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