Violent thunderstorms with storm and hail sweep across Switzerland


Starting in the afternoon on today’s National Day, thunderstorms, some of which are violent, can be expected. Storm, hail and heavy rain can cause problems and at least temporarily affect the mood. The thunderstorms will continue tomorrow and will be very violent in some cases. Caution is required throughout Switzerland.

Switzerland will be crossed today by August 1 and tomorrow Sunday by strong thunderstorms with severe weather potential. The thunderstorm is slowly increasing from the west in the second half of the afternoon. In German-speaking Switzerland, the thunderstorms will mainly arrive in the evening and then at night, sometimes very violent and cause local problems. The thunderstorms can be accompanied by storms and hail, heavy rain will also be an issue, especially along the Alps and Prealps. Today’s temperatures in the north will mostly be well above 30 degrees.

In southern Switzerland, thunderstorms are unlikely to become an issue until Sunday night.

Tomorrow, thunderstorms can still be expected throughout Switzerland. Locally very violent with storm and hail. Only at night on Monday will the thunderstorm end. During the thunderstorm the precipitation can fall very intensely.

Local flooding, debris flows or flying objects during strong gusts are possible for the entire time. The hail could also cause damage.

The warning will come from the west tomorrow evening and should be completely gone at night on Monday.

During the whole time, there are also sunny and hot weather sections after a thunderstorm.

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