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The first time they were supposed to go on the ice on Monday, it finally happened on Thursday evening. Vitkovice preventively postponed the start of the second phase of preparation, and after the players and the complete implementation team passed the tests for the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus with a negative result, they could hit the ice.

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Under the leadership of the coaching trio Mojmir Trličik – Darek Stranský – Ladislav Svozil, 26 hockey players raced through the guardrails at a sharp pace. “He had sixty minutes of training. We drove at high intensity from the very beginning, because the time off was short and the players were clearly prepared. Since Friday, we have been training in two phases or in groups, as is traditional, “says Mojmir Trličik for the Vitkovice website.

Due to the shift of training on the ice by three days, players on the ice sweat blood over the weekend. “It simply came to our notice then. In the first phase, the nine days, including the double match within the Generali Česka Cup, take place in one block on ice and, of course, also in the gym. We also put a weekend in there so that we are ready for the matches, “explains coach Vitkovice.

At the first training session in the Multifunctional Hall, only the quarterbacks were missing

Roman Polak

defender, 34 years

” href=”″>Roman Polak a

Jesse Dudas

defender, 32 years

“href =” “> Jesse Dudas.” Roman Polak and I have agreed to join us in the second week of training on the ice, so he will be training with us from Monday. “Jesse Dudas should arrive on August 16, saying that he is healing an injury from individual training, from which he has a health problem with his back. Otherwise, everyone is present and medically prepared,” he praises himself.
He also trained in Ostrava Rostislav Marosz, who is a guest from Kladno in Vitkovice. “The work of the owners Aleš Pavlik and Roman Šimiček was excellent, so we have exactly what we wanted and the staff is ready, it will basically only narrow,” says Trličik. “Of course, as the situation evolves and changes in society due to coronavirus, it may happen that some change may occur, but we do not expect much,” he adds.

Vitkovicke is waiting for the opening match on Tuesday, August 4, when they will face the local team on the ice of Zlin as part of the Generali Česka Cup. Two days later, the people of Ostrava on the rink will challenge the rival from Třinec.




Miroslav Svoboda, Daniel Dolejs.

Roman Polak, Robert Černý, Jesse Dudas, Patrik Koch, Lukaš Kovař, Jakub Kubeš, Jan Štencel, Peter Trška.

Zbyněk Irgl, Lukaš Krenželok, Jan Hruška, Martin Dočekal, Rastislav Dej, Tomaš Kubalik, Dominik Lakatoš, Alexandre Mallet, Josef Mikyska, Jan Schleiss, Nicolas Werbik, Jan Bernovský, Jozef Balaž, Petr Fridrich, Peter Šišovský, Rostislav Marosz (until December ).




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