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While TennoCon 2020 has just started, the developers are telling us little by little about the new content that will arrive soon on Warframe.

Besides the next update on Heart of Deimos which is eagerly awaited, the official twitter account of the game has just presented us with a visual of the next warframes which will arrive in 2020.

Discover Xaku, Wraith and the Alchemist

How many new warframes will be available in 2020?

In total, 4 new warframes coming out in 2020 and they are all now known.

The first was none other than Protea recently arrived, and owning a half-support half-dps kit.

The second will be the community-designed broken warframe named after Xaku which should arrive during the summer or during the next Heart of Deimos update.

Then will arrive Wraith, about which we still have little information but whose design seems almost finished. If you want to know about Wraith and the different concept art, it’s here.

And finally the last warframe called theAlchemist which is only presented as a concept art for the moment.

Discover the alchemist!

No doubt that we will know more about the last three on this list during TennoCon and in the prochates days.

Of course and as always, we will keep you informed as soon as we know more. Until then, do not hesitate to take advantage of the various TennoCon conferences directly by live.

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