“We listened to the N-VA, but there is a gap between their project and our wishes for Belgium”, notes Jean-Marc Nollet (Ecolo)


A few hours after the abandonment of the two preformers Bart De Wever (N-VA) and Paul Magnette (PS), and the day after a joint exit of the ecological and liberal families, the question arises: have we returned to the point of start in federal negotiations? Jean-Marc Nollet, the co-president of Ecolo, justified himself: the environmentalists did not give up, but there was a problem in the proposed project.

There were several gaps, he said this Friday evening on the set of the JT de la Une. First of all on environmental and social issues, the fight against climate change, against pollution, the fact of protecting citizens in the face of the crisis, all of this required something other than what was proposed. The second subject that posed a problem was the institutional framework towards which the N-VA was leading us, and which the PS had accepted.

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According to Jean-Marc Nollet, environmentalists refuse a “institutional scheme“which would lead” tou dismantling of the country“. And according to them, this would be the project proposed by the N-VA and” accepted “by the PS. An N-VA against which environmentalists have often opposed, but that does not mean that there is no no dialogue, retorts the co-president of Ecolo: “We met the N-VA. We read stories in the media that said environmentalists were not even listening, this is not true. We took the time to listen, but when we see the project, we see the gap that there is between this project and our desires, our wishes for Belgium, whether on the ecological or environmental dimensions. or on the institutional scheme“, he concludes.

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The observation is then clear: there is still no majority. We would be tempted to believe that more than a year after the elections, the atmosphere is still small wars between parties. Who really wants to rule? Green is, according to Jean-Marc Nollet: “we have the will to find solutions and provide solutions to the citizens of this country“, he affirms, even if he admits that there is” no solution which is necessary of itself “.

Jean-Marc Nollet, however, wanted to salute “work“by Paul Magnette, twice missionary to the King.”Things are further clarified. There are things that are specific and positive, especially on certain social dimensions, specifies the co-president of Ecolo. But there is still work to be done on economic redeployment, on environmental and climatic issues and on another plan for the future of the country.“Another scheme than the one proposed, for the moment, by the N-VA therefore.

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