Will Karel Gott’s dream come true? HONOR TO THE MASTER it is said THAT WILL NOT BE!


Karel Gott wanted a memorial concert for his fans. But as it turns out, the event called Tribute to Karel Gott is in danger. And according to Michal David, it may not happen this year either.

“The husband realized during his lifetime that a concert in his memory should be organized for his fans. He wanted the concert to be organized by the Karel Gott Agency and to tell his nearest team a very specific idea of ​​the concert. We will try to fulfill his wishes. , “she said a few months ago on the website Karla Gotta widow Ivana Gottova.

Originally, it was supposed to be a single concert, due to great interest and with regard to the public, which did not manage to buy tickets, but the organizers decided to add another concert. The first is to take place on 15 December 2020, the second a day later.

But the question is whether they will happen. The government is still not increasing the capacity of spectators in enclosed spaces, which is currently only 2,500 people. According to Michal David, the question is whether the event will take place at all this year.

“We will be happy to pay tribute to Karl in December. And who knows if! It’s not certain either … Nothing has to move until the end of the year, as it looks.” he said Flash.

He himself had two concerts planned, which were originally supposed to take place in June, but then moved on. “Both concerts are perfectly prepared, but it may happen that the government will not actually allow concerts for so many thousands of people within a month,” the singer fears.

“I will have to move the concerts anyway. The tickets are sold out and it is not possible to let only half or even fewer people into the hall,” he added, adding that 32,000 people had bought tickets for his concerts.

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