WWE changes the stipulation of a huge Summerslam match


After a few months of a fiery feud that saw the participation of several great athletes in the rings of Monday Night Raw, WWE finally decided to create a match between Dominik Mysterio (son of the San Diego elf and legendary luchador of the company Rey Mysterio ) and Monday Night Messiah, Seth Rollins.

Among the various athletes who followed one another in the flagship storyline of the red show, we also find Aleister Black, who would have left the scene a few weeks ago precisely because of the attack on his face, as he did twice with Rey Mysterio, for hand of the Rollins-Murphy couple.
After weeks and weeks of brutal attacks with a kendo stick, during the last episode of the red show, Dominik was literally devastated by Murphy and Seth Rollins with kendo sticks, which they left very deep marks on the boy’s body, in his very first (albeit unofficial) match in a WWE ring.

WWE changes stipulations at Summerslam match between Dominik and Seth Rollins

In the last two episodes of Monday Night Raw, a new match for WWE’s summer Big Four, Summerslam, has become official, with Dominik Mysterio making his official debut as a performer on a McMahon ring, with the boy who will follow. the footsteps of his father in the rings that made him one of the best wrestlers of all time.
Apparently, however, in the last hours the management of the Stamford federation would also have confirmed the change of the stipulation of their dispute, with Rollins vs Dominik which will now be a Street Fight match, given the previous clashes in the Raw rings between the two.

We will see now, what WWE will come up with to be staged in the match between the two leading faces of Raw, which in recent months have made fans of the WWE Universe passionate, with the exit of Rey Mysterio, who probably he could soon return to tread the rings of the company in which his son also works now, perhaps precisely to help the latter beat once and for all the slimy Messiah of the red show.

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