“You’re an idiot if you believe this.” And the anger of Caterina Balivo breaks out


Who makes it wait for it and Caterina Balivo she didn’t wait long to reply to those who accuse her of having retouched her decollete. On Instagram, the popular Neapolitan presenter has triggered a question and answer with decidedly bright tones with some followers, guilty of having commented on her breasts, calling it “redone”.

The last post published by Balivo on her Instagram profile sparked the social tussle. In the shot, the presenter showed herself to her fans with a micro bikini, showing off an enviable physique. A surprise for the people of the web used to seeing her more and more often with sarongs and one-piece swimsuit. To reveal the reason for so much “shyness” was herself: “I don’t wear bikinis often because I have a belly“. This time, however, Caterina Balivo has decided to make an exception to her rule, immortalizing herself with a candid two pieces. Nothing shocking but some users still wanted to put” pepper “under the post, commending with a pinch of impudence : “Hi Cate I can say you have beautiful and perfect t ** tees“.

A sentence that in itself the Balivo could also have ignored, but not the reply of another user who insinuated that the host’s breast was notoriously redone. And so open heaven. “Redone. Such as nose cheekbones and blepharoplasty. Told many times to strip the news !!!!“, wrote a user under the comment, triggering the indignant reaction of Caterina Balivo:”Idiot who thinks we are an idiot“.

It is not the first time that Caterina Balivo ends up in the crosshairs of some followers ready to tease her on the physical aspect and beyond. The latest episode in chronological order it happened only a few days ago when a user thought of annoying the Balivo, who had triggered the indignant reaction of the Balivo with a very hot comment. But also Caterina Balivo is no exception when it comes to putting her colleagues in difficulty. In fact, many will remember the spicy comment (“Che cosce!”, Ed) written by the presenter under a post by Mara Venier. A phrase that sparked the hilarity of the social people and the embarrassment of Venier.

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