Adnane’s friends gather at her grave (PHOTO)


Photos showing Adnane’s friends meditating at the grave of this child found killed and buried under a tree on Friday are relayed in social networks.

In these photos, we see the children reciting verses from the Quran and praying for the rest of the soul of their friend, Adnane Bouchouf, victim of a monster who raped him, killed and buried him in a vacant lot near the place. of his parents’ domicile.

Recall that the Tangier police announced on Friday the arrest of a man, 23, who confessed to having committed this heinous crime. He subsequently led investigators to the place where he buried the child. Three other people, his roommates, were also arrested.

The respondent, who lived in the same neighborhood as the victim’s parents, lured the boy into his home, sexually assaulted him and killed him before burying him. Calls to apply the death penalty against the perpetrator of this abject crime are popping up everywhere on social networks by public opinion, in the commotion in the face of this cruelty and this barbaric crime.


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