After Finistere, new mutilated horses in Ain and Haute-Vienne


After new cases in Finistere, several horses have been found mutilated and killed in recent days in the departments of Ain and Haute-Vienne.

The list of equines found mutilated or killed continues to grow. A mare was discovered with severed tail and cut vulva on Wednesday in the Cuisiat sector in Ain, adding to the long list of horse mutilations in France in recent months, we learned from the Thursday gendarmerie. The mare survived her injuries.

The owner of the animal alerted the gendarmes on Wednesday around 6 p.m. to discuss abuse of her mare. The vet first noticed a scalped tail, suggesting an accidental injury. But by re-examining the animal a little later, the professional noticed other anomalies and finally considered that these injuries could not be accidental.

The mare was in a large, very isolated field near the place called Cuisiat, told AFP the gendarmerie of Bourg-en-Bresse, to which the investigation was entrusted. The mutilated equine survived her injuries and another mare that was in the same meadow was found unharmed.

This is the first time that a horse has been mutilated in this way in Ain, the gendarmerie said. There had been a suspicion on August 28 at a place called Attignat, with a horse injured in the side, but without being able to conclude that a third party had intervened.

A mare found dead in Haute-Vienne

In addition, an investigation for “act of cruelty to animals” was opened by the prosecution of Limoges after the discovery Thursday morning in Arnac-la-Poste in Haute-Vienne of the corpse of a mutilated mare. The animal was mutilated in the ears, eyes and hindquarters during the night from Wednesday to Thursday, explained Baptiste Porcher.

The research brigade and the research section of the gendarmerie were seized and are working in connection with the Criminal Research Institute of the National Gendarmerie to “verify whether connections exist with other cases of this type at the national level”, a also indicated the representative of the prosecution.

About thirty open investigations

In Finistere, several horses were found with suspicious behavior between Wednesday and Thursday. In Ergue-Gaberic near Quimper, a horse was found with sores in the groin and another asleep. Then in the town of Plogastel, an owner notified the gendarmerie around midnight on Wednesday that his horses were inanimate. The vet who came to see him this morning said the animals appeared to be sedated. Blood tests will or will not confirm his finding, we learned from the gendarmerie.

The national gendarmerie lists about thirty investigations opened for similar facts, it was specified this Thursday at 26 proven facts with human intervention have been reported since the beginning of the year, a source close to the case told BFMTV, and 86 facts reported to the gendarmerie since the beginning of the year.

These mutilations of horses which have occurred in around twenty departments constitute a challenge for the investigators, these acts being the work of several authors acting according to different operating methods. Regarding the motivations of the authors, everything is considered: challenge launched on the internet, sectarian aberrations, mimicry, hatred of equines, satanic rites …

Sarah-Lou Cohen with Jeanne Bulant with AFP

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