Al Bano Carrisi makes a confession: “People are telling me bad things”


Written by Marianna Amato, on September 16, 2020, in Music

Al Bano Carrisi after the controversy over the economic crisis: “People are telling me bad things”

Also Al Bano Carrisi it had to deal with the economic crisis caused by the prolonged closure following the pandemic. “I only have exits, no entrances”Declared the singer from Cellino San Marco in an interview released a few months ago, words for which he seems to have been sentenced. In the past few hours Al Bano Carrisi, a guest on Rai Radio 2, returned to the issue by explaining that he was targeted by people for the declaration on economic difficulties: “I don’t see what the problem is. People are telling me bad things, on social media they write about everything, I haven’t done anything to anyone”Said the To the bathroom.

Al Bano Carrisi and Loredana Lecciso, he admits: “We had some problems but we knew how to solve them”

The controversy broke out precisely last May, when Al Bano Carrisi declared that he could not live without concerts. A sentence that sparked disapproval among the public not understood by the person concerned. Another question that bothers a lot To the bathroom (that has made a painful confession) is gossip, especially the one about marriage with Loredana Lecciso, on which it was expressed as follows: “I’m fine with Loredana as I am. He is intelligent, he has given me two children, we have had problems but we have been able to solve them“And also with Romina Power things are going well: “I also had a wonderful, fantastic time with her. I’d do it again, we’re friends now

Al Bano Carrisi on the Sanremo Festival: “I can’t wait. I have an open account “

Fortunately To the bathroom seems to have got back to work, now he is active and working on a broadcast: “I am doing very well, in the meantime I am doing a program in Spain, then I will start another one in ItalyHe confessed To the bathroom who added: “We always work, this is a good sign. I have to work, I can’t sit still“. As for the music, however, it is in complete rest: “Nothing inspires me but a great sadness. And singing sadness is no good for me. I am experiencing a moment of pause“But addresses the Festival a thought:”But I can’t wait to go back to Sanremo, I have an account open with Sanremo”And who knows if we will see it in the next edition together with daughter Jasmine.

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