Al Bano: “They tell me bad things but with 1470 euros I wouldn’t be able to pay friends for coffee”


Months later, the words of Al Bano Carrisi on the economic difficulties caused by the lockdown. This morning, in fact, the Cellino San Marco singer returned to the subject to the microphones of I Lunatici on Rai Radio 2 and did not deny what he said in March, when he stated that he could not live on a pension of 1470 euros.

If things unfortunately continue to go wrong and one day I have to live by pension only I’m not doing so well“, said Al Bano Carrisi, commenting on the stop of concerts and trips abroad, his very first source of income for many decades. The singer from Cellino San Marco is also the owner of a large agricultural estate where he produces wine and oil and where there is a small restaurant and a farmhouse which, however, seem to be economically fueled by artistic activity. Hence Al Banos thoughts on the economic future were born: “My allowance amounts to 1470 euros per month. Until a few months ago there were only 1370. I do not understand how it is possible given that in my life I have always paid contributions, since I was a farmer here in Puglia and then a metalworker in Milan“.

Urged by the hosts, Roberto Arduini and Andrea Di Ciancio, he told I Lunatici how the controversy arose: “A reporter asked me a question, I gave the exact answer. The question I was asked is ‘would you be able to live with 1470 euros of pension?’, The answer is no, I would not, given my position. I couldn’t even pay the coffee to friends“. Straightforward and sincere words from Al Bano Carrisi, who from that moment has been the object of insults and teasing by the network. For the singer from Cellino San Marco, the attacks against him are not justifiable for having said the truth: “I don’t see what the problem is. People are telling me bad things, on social media they write about everything, I haven’t done anything to anyone“.

The current situation has led Al Bano to have an artistic block to the point that the singer is unable to produce music: “Nothing inspires me anything but a great sadness. And singing sadness is no good for me. I’ve done this in the past, now I try to avoid. I am experiencing a moment of pause“Despite this, the singer from Cellino San Marco thinks about Sanremo: “I have an account open with Sanremo. If all goes as I say …“.

Despite the artistic block, Al Bano has found balance in his private life with Loredana Lecciso: “I’m fine with Loredana as I am. IS intelligent, she gave me two children, we had some problems but we knew how to solve them. We have two children together, I don’t break families that easily. The important thing is that there is a marriage of thoughts, actions, and those are there“.

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