Amadeus Sanremo: promises rebirth and normality


The well-known and beloved conductor Amadeus is ready to return to all the living rooms of the Italians, and talks about an important event, promising rebirth and normality

Amadeus and Fiorello (photo source: Instagram, @giovanna_e_amadeus)

A well-known and beloved public figure, there are many who follow the events that concern with interest and passion Amadeus also on Instagram, participating, albeit remotely, in his shared life with his splendid wife Giovanna Civitillo: the presenter talks about Sanremo, giving an important interview to Today.

Just about the most loved Italian song festival, from many sides it makes its way uncertainty for the next edition, due to Covid and all that follows, especially the social distancing.

But the conductor on this occasion decides to speak and clears the field from doubts, explaining that “Sanremo is a certainty, it will be done ”.

In the chat made with Today, in fact, a well-known Italian magazine, the presenter states:I don’t even want to think that it can’t be there, because it’s normal, and we all need to go back to normal, because a Sanremo with an empty Ariston theater is not the Festival we want ”.

Amadeus Sanremo, the conductor: “I have not repented”, then hope

Amadeus: "I have not regretted it", rebirth and its hope
Amadeus and Fiorello (photo source: Instagram, @giovanna_e_amadeus)

Among the most loved and followed conductors of the entertainment world, Amadeus speaks in the round of Sanremo, of the past edition and of the one to come, during an interview given to Today.

A Festival of “rebirth“, According to the latter, who confesses that he hopes to have Fiorello again as a traveling companion:”I didn’t ask him because there is no need. If he likes being there he will be there. Our friendship prevails over everything and everyone ”.

By the way dell’Ariston, his comment on last year cannot be missing.

The presenter thought he did not want to repeat the experience, since he was aware that he could not repeat the same you listen facts, while he does not say he regrets having chosen women who accompanied him during the last Festival trip.

“I made honest and respectful choices, then there are always exploitation”, explains about it.

As for instead The usual unknown, the program he conducted which was delayed due to contagion by one of the authors, explains that the recordings will resume shortly after reiterating how important it is that all collaborators swab and that everything is sanitized.

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