Dancing with the Stars 2020: stop televoting, voting via social media arrives


Dancing with the Stars 2020: stop televoting, voting via social media arrives

Milly Carlucci

Milly Carlucci gave it stop televoting! A Dancing with the Stars 2020 this year the public will not be able to express their preferences via text message or a simple call. This is one of the novelties of the fifteenth edition of the Rai 1 talent show starting next Saturday. In order not to make viewers spend money in times of Covid (this is the official reason), the presenter has in fact decided to mix up the “cards on the track”, which is why the competitors will be judged, as well as by the jury, by a new voting system, totally free, which will make use of the sole and exclusive use of social networks. An extension of the “social treasure”, already present in recent years, which will more completely influence the entire race.

Big news this year is the one on voting. You know that we don’t want you to spend money for televoting. So the vote will be social, entirely social, and therefore obviously free. You vote on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram“.

Carlucci made her debut in a video posted on her Instagram account, before continuing with the explanation of the new voting methods:

You are much better than me at this. You know that on Twitter you vote with the little heart, on Instagram with the little heart and on Facebook you have to like it. Therefore we will give you the cards, the images, of our couples at the beginning of the transmission. Let’s open the vote and at that point vote, vote, vote “.

Hence the invitation, to those who did not yet have a social profile, to have it open by “a relative, a friend, a neighbor, a porter”Because someone surely knows how to do it. A new method that also aims to make the Saturday night show of Rai 1 more social and, why not, “rejuvenate” the viewers of the talent a little.

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