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Oliver Glasner starts his second season with VfL Wolfsburg as head coach in the German Bundesliga. Due to the corona, the preparation was quite different, and the wolves have intense weeks ahead of them due to their participation in the Europa League qualification. The former LASK trainer is also critical.

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In his debut season as head coach of VfL Wolfsburg, Oliver Glasner took seventh place and thus reached the European Cup qualification. Before his sophomore year, the head coach is facing some challenges due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic and is looking forward to an intense season. In an interview with “sportbuzzer.de” the former LASK coach speaks about the coming season and how he and the team are dealing with this different situation.

“If you are ‘on’ every day, at some point you will no longer perform well”

In the DFB Cup, the first competitive game of the 2020/21 season is against Union Furstenwalde. Due to the coronavirus situation and the additional qualification for the European Cup, this will be a very long and intensive season for the Wolfsburg team.

“In football we are used to having two months of preparation, then nine months of competition with a winter break, then a month of vacation. If you tell a track and field athlete that, he’ll ask you: How is that supposed to work? He may be preparing for three and a half years The current situation is that the players go to work every day for months, have a seven-day week. And if you are on every day, then at some point you will no longer be efficient, that is true not only for football, that applies to every profession, in every position, “said head coach Oliver Glasner.

To compensate for this, he tries to give the national players the necessary breaks, even if it is not that easy with the three additional competitive games through the Europa League qualification. “There are seven games in four weeks until the international break in October, so I don’t see the problem that way now. It could be difficult then, towards Christmas – without a winter break,” continued Glasner.

A large squad helps, even if the Wolfsburg-based Maxence Lacroix and Bartosz Bialek have only brought two young talents so far. But Glasner does not rule out further reinforcements until the end of the transfer window: “The important thing is that if we get someone else, it has to be someone who will help us immediately – also in view of the fact that we will not have much in the next few months due to the many games can train. ”

Wolfsburg wants to improve everywhere

Looking at last season, Wolfsburg sometimes lacked the necessary punch on the offensive. With 48 goals, the top seven teams scored the fewest at the end of the season: “We want to get better in all areas – in possession, in conquering the ball, in counter-attacking. Or also with standards, which we did a lot last season were good. We want to stay tuned there too, in order to continue to be among the top Bundesliga players in this area. ”

In general, the Austrian coach also notes that the performance of the past season with seventh place in the table is a little underestimated: “VfL is playing for the second time in a row in Europe, which is only the third time in the club’s history. My feeling is that this is perceived as ‘too little’. […] If you then consider that VfL had only missed relegation twice in the relegation, then I think to myself: Everyone should actually be in each other’s arms and cheering. ”

The VfL coach formulates the season goal accordingly: “We wanted to qualify for Europe for the third time. VfL has never achieved that – and it would be a further step towards stability and continuity.”


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