“Do as you always did … throw me”


Temptation Island, Speranza discovers Albertos betrayals: «Do as you always did … throw me». Both have been engaged for sixteen years and are from Brusciano (Naples). They don’t live together in a house of their own, but sleep together half a week by one’s parents and the other half a week by the other’s parents. Read also> Temptation Island: Alessia Marcuzzi is back on TV with the nip edition. Here are the couples

Together for sixteen years it is Alberto who asks his girlfriend Speranza to participate in Temptation Island because, he says: “I wonder why today I still have doubts to imagine a future with Hope. I am very attached to her but I still don’t want to live in our own house and I don’t want to marry her and it is right to understand why».
Less than 48 hours have passed since entering the village of Temptation Island and Speranza is forced to hear the confessions of her boyfriend from: “I am not in love» a «99% convinced: I want to get out of here aloneBut it is not enough.
Speranza discovers Albertos betrayals live she was unaware of, while she continues to watch the videos her boyfriend flirts with the single Nunzia admitting he never had the courage to really leave his girlfriend.
Even the boyfriends inside the village try to make Alberto reason by saying that he is disrespecting his girlfriend. Hope is speechless: “You realize what it says. A little respect for our history, but I don’t mean it for me, do as you always did … throw me».

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