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In an interview with Novella 2000, Edoardo Stoppa, with an open heart, revealed the reasons that led him to abandon the Striscia la Notizia format after more than eleven years. In fact, after looking for different ways than Ricci’s program, he landed on TV8. It seems that, however, for the familiar face of Canale 5 it is physiological to change something in life and that, despite everything, it maintains an excellent relationship with everyone, considers them a big family. Also, he claims to have taken a momentary break from them because he needed new stimuli, new things. Often you risk getting used to the same things, not doing well what you have been doing for a long time and it was this principle that convinced him. However, Edoardo will not abandon the TV. In fact, the correspondent has already changed the channel and moved to the “competitor” Tv8, in a space reserved for him in Every Morning, the new program by Adriana Volpe and Alessio Viola.

Edoardo Stoppa continues to deal with things he likes

Edoardo Stoppa now has a space at Every Morning, led by Adriana Volpe and Alessio Viola. The interview continues with well-targeted questions, including how she currently finds herself on TV8: “I continue to take care of things I like”, admitted the conductor. About that, he continues to deal with animals and the environment, his great passions. The will, for him, was precisely to find a space in which to constantly deal with these topics. After talking with the authors, who understood how important the issue was, they gave him a daily space in which to talk about these issues. It was precisely this that convinced us Stop.

Animals and the environment have an important place in his life

Animals have a very important place in his life, as well as the environment they share with us humans. The way in which we choose today to treat the environment and the fauna that inhabits it will mark the future of the human race itself and all the damage that is currently ravaging the flora confirms this. In short, it seems that for Edoardo Stoppa to dedicate himself body and soul to these issues is a journalistic mission more important than anything else.

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