Film premieres: Princess Cursed in Time, Helmut Newton: Shameless Beauty or Rhythm: Tempos


The princess is cursed in time

She cursed Princess Ellen at the birth of the witch Murien. The curse is to be fulfilled on Ellen’s twentieth birthday, as soon as the sun goes down. However, when everything seems lost, the princess discovers that she has remained trapped in time. Each time the curse comes true, Ellena wakes up to her twentieth birthday and is forced to relive it.

The princess is cursed in time

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Princess Cursed in Time, Czechia 2020, fairy tale, 115 min., Director: Petr Kubik, starring: Natalia Germani, Eliška Křenkova, Marek Lambora, Simona Zmrzla and others.

Masha and the Bear: Mashas songs

Masha is a curious, smart and restless girl who lives in an old railway station in the woods. Her best friend is a kind-hearted bear who used to be a circus artist. In 13 stories with lots of songs, we go to sunny Italy with a little naughty and a patient hairy, experience carnival rhythms or discover the magic of Paris.

Trailer for the film Masha and the Bear: Mashas Songs

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Masha and the Bear: Mashas Songs, Russia 2020, animated, 88 min., Director: Vlad Bayramgulov, Georgiy Orlov, Oleg Užinov

Helmut Newton: Shameless beauty

For some perverted and machismo, for others brilliant and subversive. Helmut Newton was undoubtedly one of the most influential masters of fashion photography, acclaimed, admired and damned. The documentary features great personalities such as Charlotte Rampling, Isabella Rossellini, Hanna Schygulla, Grace Jones and Claudia Schiffer.

Trailer for the film Helmut Newton: Shameless Beauty

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Helmut Newton: Shameless Beauty, Germany 2020, documentary, 93 min., Director: Gero from Boehm

Provincial town E

Elnya is one of hundreds of provincial Russian towns. The only thing that is remarkable about it is its heroic title – it was the first Russian city liberated from Nazi troops at the beginning of World War II in 1941. It became a symbol of liberation, but for the next two years the Russians and the Germans fought for it and throughout western Russia, the city became the scene of brutal battles.

Provincial town E

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Provincial Town E, Russia / Czechia / Germany 2019, documentary, 82 min., Director: Dmitry Bogolyubov

Rytmus: Times

The film maps Rytmus’ long and unrepeatable musical career from absolute zero to the top. Rytmus tells his story with the help of unique and never-before-published shots and with the help of a number of other musicians who have crossed his path for a long time and influenced Rytmus’ work in some way.

Rytmus Times

Video: Bontonfilm

Rhythm: Tempos, Slovakia 2020, documentary, 96 min., Director: Nazarij Kľujev, Roman Kelemen, Maxim Kuyev

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