From talent to leading player: Goretzka is developing into an FCB boss


Leon Goretzka doesn’t impress with dribbling, but above all with his unconditional will to win and intelligent football. The 25-year-old has developed into a top player at FC Bayern – and he’s even striving for higher things.

Leon Goretzka is increasingly becoming Mr. Indispensable at FC Bayern. The 25-year-old is characterized by one thing above all: an immense will. Under coach Hansi Flick, Goretzka has developed into a top performer at the record champions who have been delighting Bayern fans with stable performances for months. National coach Joachim Low also sees Goretzka as one of his most important players for the future of the national team.

From slag to muscle man – from talent to high performer! Goretzka had also built up muscle mass during the Corona break and gained stately biceps. His new physical presence gives the national player a regular place in Flick’s starting line-up – and in his role as a six he plays stronger than ever. With his dynamism and his physically strong style of play, the former Bochum player is now the soul of the Bayern game.

Goretzka wants to become a leading player

Goretzka is a box-to-box player who always creates a goal threat. With his athleticism and his fast runs, he pushes into the storm center and, especially in the last season finale, proved that he can not only give assists, but also score goals.

The 25-year-old doesn’t just want to be a top performer in Munich, he also wants to lead the way – but the triple winner still lacks one thing: “Time – and otherwise I’m on the right track. My goal is to become a leader. The performance on the pitch has to be right, then you can make sure that others do the same. I have now concentrated on my performance, but now I can also take care of others, ”said Goretzka, describing his demands to move up the hierarchy at FC Bayern.

And he adds: “I felt very good even before last season, unfortunately I was injured in the last training session before the first Bundesliga game. You can’t control that and throw you backwards. With my physical stability, I made further progress. In the last six months I was stable and could go my own way. It’s good to grow into the role. ” Even outside the green grass, Goretzka shines with leadership qualities as the initiator of “We kick Corona”.

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Season opener against Schalke

After the restart, FC Bayern won all 15 competitive games – and Leon Goretzka was in the starting line-up in every game. No other triple winner can boast such a record of consistency. Goretzka is extremely flexible to use as an eight or ten, but can also play as a six. For Sky Expert Lothar Matthaus would therefore have to cope with the departure of Goretzkas midfield rival Thiago for the Munich team: “Thiago has done a lot for Bayern Munich, but I think Thiago is replaceable. You have already seen it with Goretzka and Kimmich. ”

So Bayern will probably bet on the tried and tested duo in the central midfield at the start of the 58th Bundesliga season. The defending champion opened the season against FC Schalke 04, of all places. In 2018, Leon Goretzka came from the Royal Blues to the Reds – a move that was not very popular with the supporters of S04.

His ex-club is currently in a deep, sporting crisis: “Schalke played an excellent first half of the season and got into a downward spiral in the second half. Schalke hurts twice when the fans are missing. Back then we also had dicey situations at Schalke, but the fans helped us to start a winning streak and get out of there again. ”


Goretzka is hoping for reinforcements

The miners are still facing a mammoth task on Friday. After a short preparation for the new season, Bayern have not lost their greed, even after one of their most successful seasons in the club’s history: “Defending the double is fun, defending the triple is even more fun! We’re totally hungry again! That after such a triple you have in the back of your mind to rest now and maybe feel full, I don’t have that feeling at all – on the contrary. We are still totally hungry. You notice that in the training week, not one percent less is done. And I think that’s the key to getting more titles. ”

Leon Goretzka, however, is hoping for additional staff for Bayern Munich in view of the demanding program in the new season. “We have a top squad together. But I do believe that every position should be filled twice. ”

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Especially in autumn, the defending champion can expect a tough program with the Bundesliga, DFB Cup, Champions League and international matches: “The strain is definitely a very big challenge for all of us. We’ll actually need the full squad to get through the season. ”

Bavaria’s biggest competitors

Goretzka sees Leipzig, Dortmund as the biggest competitor – and Leverkusen also has a great team. Gladbach played well last year too. They also all had more time to prepare for this intense season. That can be a plus. ”

The fans can experience live on Friday how well Bayern will be after just one week of team training. One thing is certain: Leon Goretzka will be highly motivated against his ex-club in the best Schalke manner and go ahead with immense will – because that has been the hallmark of the midfield engine for months.


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