‘Gf Vip 5’, Elisabetta Gregoraci should have entered the house on Monday but her entry has been postponed: that’s why!


Elisabetta Gregoraci is one of the most anticipated competitors of the fifth edition of Gf Vip. Yet despite the reality conducted by Alfonso Signorini started on Monday, the showgirl Calabrese has not yet crossed the red door.

Started only a few days ago, the program is already causing a lot of discussion. The exit, after only one day of stay, of Flavia Vento surprised many and the suspected case of Covid-19 (later denied) by Tommaso Zorzi did worry.

This is how if in the House, the tenants are already experiencing the first moments in an excited way, the Gregoraci instead he is not there with them. His entry was scheduled for Monday evening, as Signorini himself had assured, but at the end of the episode not even a shadow of her.

The reason? The site revealed it Dagospia.it who gave the news:

Do you know why Elisabetta Gregoraci did not enter the first episode of Big Brother Vip? Because she was waiting for the outcome of the third swab, in her case even more delicate since her ex-husband Briatore it was positive at Covid. The beautiful showgirl will be entering on Friday.

Therefore, Elisabetta tested negative for swabs, but as a precaution she had undergone a third checkup given her proximity to her ex-husband, Flavio Briatore, instead positive result.

The beautiful showgirl will then enter on Friday evening, together with all the other competitors still out of the competition House, come Paolo Brosio, Denis Dosio e Maria Teresa Route.

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