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Francesco Fredella

Sofia and Amedeo, engaged for 11 years. They participate in Temptation Island because she no longer feels loved and wanted. According to his girlfriend, Amedeo neglects her and no longer gives her the attention he once did. A year and a half ago the crisis. Sofia finds a love letter dedicated to another woman on her partner’s bedside table. Amedeo justifies himself by telling her that that letter was only a favor to a friend who had asked him for help in writing words of love for his beloved. Sofia decided to believe him and forgive him.

Mediaset, she will not be there: explosive indiscretion on the future of Alessia Marcuzzi

What Sofia doesn’t know, however, is that in the past her boyfriend actually betrayed her and decided to confess everything to the production of Temptation Island. Amedeo has promised that only when the game starts will he confess everything to his partner. How will Sofia react? Let’s get the popcorn! The game starts Horns from the past in Temptation, A girlfriend does not know that her partner has already cheated on her!

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